interzioq #2: Robin Ogden’s interview – OGRE


Hello what’s your name and how do you feel right now?
Hi! My name’s Robin, and I make music as OGRE. Right now I feel a little sleepy and could do with a coffee!

Anything else about you that you’d like to share (age, country, favorite food, shoe size, etc.)?
I’m sat at my desk in my studio in the UK, and I’ve just got a boss CE-3 in the mail that I’m super excited to try out. They don’t make choruses like they used to in the 80’s!

What’s your last release and do you have something special to say about it?
Well, my latest release is an album called All Hallows’ : It’s a collaborative concept album made with a super talented dude called Dallas Campbell. We actually live 3594 miles apart, and have never met in person! That album’s an all analog horror soundtrack for a film that doesn’t exist, and it’s paired with a scary short story that goes along with the music. It was great fun to make!

What software, gear, setup, etc. do you use to make music?
So largely it depends on what the project is, I actually work as a composer for games and visual media, so I switch gear up depending on what I’m working on. I use Ableton Live and a few plugins, mainly anything by u-he or Valhalla DSP, but mostly I work with just hardware. I’ve some analog synths that I use on everything, and a stack of wonky 80’s rackmount gear. I also spend a lot of time working with tape, and I’m currently very in to splicing cassette loops! The one thing I couldn’t live without is my Korg Mono/Poly! It’s an endless source of inspiration!

How would you describe your music, with words?
Mainly synth-y soundtrack stuff, with a retro leaning. That sort of covers all bases! I kind of fall into the Synthwave/80’s revivalist camp, and that’s a-okay with me!

What inspires you?
Books, I guess mainly J G Ballard-esc stuff, and anything visual really! Film, photographs, brutalist architecture, long walks. I’m pretty lucky to live in the South West of the UK, as there’s a tonne of coastal paths to wander down. Being by the sea is always really inspiring!

Any musician, famous or not, we should check?
Definitely listen to my friend Dallas Campbell. He does some mind bending things with synthesisers. You can find his music here:

Tell us about a movie, a book or a video game you liked recently…
I’ve been watching a lot of Cronenberg’s early student films and experiments. They’re definitely interesting viewing haha. In terms of movies that I’ve enjoyed a lot, Colossus: The Forbin Project was pretty great. It’s a flick from 1970 about a giant super computer that develops consciousness and ransoms the survival of the human race. It’s pretty good!

Please describe your actual haircut.
Hmm, usually I’m a short back and sides type of man, but I’m trying to grow my hair out a bit at the moment, so I’m in an awkward inbetween stage. I have a pretty big beard though!

Any other links you’d like to share here (youtube, twitter, etc.)?
You can find myself and my music over on:

Thanks so much for the interview!!

Interview by izioq


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