interzioq #3: SoulEye’s interview – MMMMMM and PPPPPP


Hello what’s your name and how do you feel right now?
My powerful-viking-sounding name is Magnus and I am on a sugar high frenzy from eating a good-sized piece of chocolate and washing it down with an energy drink!

Anything else about you that you’d like to share (age, country, favorite food, shoe size, etc.)?
I love going deep and getting philosophical in addition to making music. So much so that I’m just about to arrange a weekend workshop in how to relate authentically and dropping into deep connection with another person.
Mmmm, don’t you just wish this was an interview with follow-up-questions now? 🙂

You mean like this?
What!? How did you do that!?

What’s your last release and do you have something special to say about it?
My latest big release was the hard rocking MMMMMM ( and it’s a cover album of my chiptuney album PPPPPP ( that I did for the game VVVVVV ( Some people are creative with their album titles, I seem just be hitting one key over and over until I’m satisfied.

What software, gear, setup, etc. do you use to make music?
Madtracker 2 and a PC. Some VSTs. Hardware wise I have a nice Ibanez electric guitar and a guitalele too. Combined with an Audio-technica microphone I can be quite a menace to some eardrums if I decide to do a hidden bonus track for an album, which I frequently do.

How would you describe your music, with words?
How to give a description of chippy game music… Well… Have you ever heard game music that’s so catchy it’s virtually impossible to stop listening, let alone forget? The ultimate chiptune for instance. Have you heard it? The one that kicks so much ass that it’s impossible to create anything better. The flagship triumph that transcends what is normal chiptunes and explodes into your mind, leaving your mouth open, knees trembling, and thoughts in disarray. As you’re grasping for air after the first play, you play it again. And by some unbelievable freak of nature, it’s even better the second time. You have a new favorite, and there is nothing better. It has the kind of melodies that burn themselves into your mind and keeps you humming and grooving even when you’re not playing the game?
Yeah? Well me too. I don’t know if I have created said tune but something was stirred in me. It got so bad that my mind starting making up melodies of its own without my permission and wouldn’t stop until I penned them down.

What inspires you?
Happy harmonies. Good vibes. Nature. Connections with friends. Truth. Love. Play. Games. Shall I go on? Ok! Life. Movies. Travel. Exercise.

Any musician, famous or not, we should check?
My homie-bro-ham Scattle, my Burning-Man bro Chris Huelsbeck, the oh-so-real Jeroen Tel… Take your pick.

Tell us about a movie, a book or a video game you liked recently…
I re-watched Wolf of Wall Street the other day. Crazy ass stuff. Then I went and looked up the guy it was inspired from and – he’s actually great and I found some profoundly cool sales training videos of him online. Then I looked at the movie again and saw that he is actually IN the movie, presenting Leonardo DiCaprio as being, well, himself! That was a great fun thing to see!

Please describe your actual haircut.
Sure, if I can find it. I’ll let you know. Once my trimmer dies and if I don’t replace it, maybe one day I will grow enough hair to go have a haircut.

Any other links you’d like to share here(youtube, twitter, etc.)? (most action here!) (when you wanna actually hear some kickass game music) (this account just copies what I say on Twitter, but hey, maybe you don’t use Twitter, so here you go!) (some things that don’t show up on my website show up here instead!)

Interview by izioq


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