Interzioq #10: Bitwit interview

After my last interzioq of Xisuma I thought it might be cool to interview other Youtubers who use my music… So here is the interzioq of Bitwit. I’m honored to sometimes hear my music in his videos so that’s a real pleasure to talk with him today 🙂

First, could you tell us a bit more to introduce yourself : how old are you? Where do you come from? Your favorite meal 🙂 ?

 My name is Kyle, I’m 28 years old and I’m from Los Angeles, California. My all time favorite food is sushi.


When did you start to make Youtube videos and what kind of videos did you make at first?

I started making YouTube videos over 10 years ago. They were mostly short silly skits I’d film in my backyard as a kid. Then I started making tech videos in 2012.

Right now, what kind of videos do you make?

Tech videos, vlogs, and the occasional comedy sketch.

 Today, are you a “full-time Youtuber”?

Yes, I quit my office job in 2015 to pursue YouTube full time.

What was the key point when you realized that you could make a living out of your videos? Was it a slow thing to realize, step by step, or did you have that in mind when you started?

It was a slow realization that as my channel grew, I was one step closer to making a living on YouTube. I never thought my channel would reach that point, but it was something to aim for. One day I realized only by committing to it full time would I be able to turn it into a career.

In your opinion, what are the PROs and CONs of your job?

Pros include doing what I love, having creative freedom to produce the content I care about, having flexible hours, working from home, having an awesome fan base I can interact with

Cons include extremely long hours (often 80/week), not having the benefits of a corporate company (i.e. health benefits, paid time off, etc.), having to deal with internet trolls and haters, & additional stress of being 100% liable for the company’s success/failure.

How long does it usually takes for you to create a video?

A 7-minute video used to take me 18 hours from start to finish. Since then I’ve modified my workflow to produce them in 10-15 hours, depending on the project.

What is the part you like the most when you create a video?

 Clicking “Publish” and reading the first wave of comments.

Do you have a lot of interaction with your followers? What do you think they appreciate the most in your videos?

I think so. I talk to them in the comments and on Twitter all the time. Some of them have even become friends I game with occasionally. I think my viewers enjoy my sense of humor (just as much as some people hate it). Online tech videos are typically presented with equal parts information and video quality with little to no room left of actual entertainment. This is YouTube, so I try to make the videos fun and engaging but still get the main message across for those who just want the info.

Do you think it will be possible for you to make a living from Youtube all your life or do you already have some B plans?

Unless YouTube suddenly dies out one day, which I think is unlikely, I’ll always be looking for new ways to keep the channel refreshing and relevant to newer/younger viewers. If my YouTube career failed tomorrow, I’d try rebuilding my following on my own platform and continue making videos there. Or I’ll just work at McDonalds.


Right now, if you were not a Youtuber, what kind of job would you like to do?

It’s hard imagining what I’d do outside the realm of online video production but it if wasn’t an option I’d still want to be surrounded by entertainment in some way. I’ve always thought it’d be a dream to write or even act on a show like Saturday Night Live.

Any advice for people who’d like to start their own channel?

Do it because you love it, not for the money/fame asepct or you will either A. not succeed or B. be unhappy. Know up front that you’ll have to eventually do it full time (or commit to full-time hours) in order to grow at a reasonable rate. Listen to your audience but don’t ignore your own thoughts and feelings about the channel’s direction. When starting out, post one or two videos a week every week. Consistent output frequency is invaluable to growth and building a loyal audience. Finally, there will be days where you feel discouraged, hopeless even. Ignore it. Only those who overcome that feeling time and again will get to where they want to be.

Do you have any passion/hobbies outside of making videos?

None that come close. I rarely find time to game anymore and most of my off hours are spent with my wife and family which I’m 100% OK with.

Any last words you’d like to add or a message to your followers?

I don’t know where I’d be without the tremendous support from my fans. *DIGITAL HUGS FOR ALL OF YOU* Thanks for taking the time to read this interview and thanks to izioq for the opportunity. Cheers!

Many thanks to you for your time & replies Bitwit ^^ !

Interview by izioq.


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