Jim Guthrie – “Children of the Clone”

jim guthrie

I guess there is no need to introduce Jim Guthrie, the genius craftman behind the Sword & Sworcery LP – The Ballad of the Space Babies OST.

However, it is not about this (awesome) video game soundtrack that I want to talk today but about his beautiful “Children of the Clone”.

Entirely recorded on a Sony Playstation (one) using MTV Music Generator this is a plainly inspirational album.

Finding this little gem was very important to me because it made me realise that it was possible to release a record made with a pretty “sequenced” sound without it being dance, house or techno music. I was personaly messing with music trackers and small pieces of sampled sounds since I was a teen in the 90’s but I’ve always thought that my “cheap sequenced” sounds couldn’t be share around… I don’t know why… Apparently I was completely wrong and, as always, technology doesn’t matter in the end: only the talent of Jim Guthrie, his musical ideas and an old playstation game are enough 🙂

The compositions on Children of the Clone are very original and, in a way, video-game sounding but, at the same time, they really got a “rock’n’roll attitude” you know… an “indie DIY” feeling… no doubt because “home is were the rock is”.

It is also interesting to note, for example, the evolution of a simple but beautiful track such as “Light Flute” from its early form here to its final appeareance under the name of “Dark Flute” the opening track of the Sword&Sorcery LP.

I definitely recommend you to check this very charming album. It is deep and raw at the same time, honest and brilliant!

by izioq